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Why you can’t afford NOT to be a member

A highly rated newletter by the membership available to members only with new developments in Europe and indeed the world. “THE PEOPIL” provides up-to-date information about new developments in personal injury law in Europe and explains different law systems to you.

Membership provides the exchange of information and local knowledge of Personal Injury Law. These links are formed initially by joining PEOPIL and receiving access to the membership list with your own details and your firm’s being included. More personal links are developed by attending the PEOPIL seminars.

Entry of your choice into PEOPIL’s specialised areas of personal injury law is encouraged. These groups are run by members of PEOPIL and The PEOPIL staff
Aviation Group
Medical Negligence Group
Occupational Health Group
Road Traffic Accident and Whiplash Group
Tourism Group

CPD Points gained at PEOPIL seminars. PEOPIL is an approved external course provider for the Law Society in England and Wales and for The General Council of the Bar as well as for the Dutch Law Society.

e. PEOPIL CONFERENCES & SEMINARS. PEOPIL conferences are arranged to primarily cover the interests of personal injury law with experienced speakers and interesting programmes held in a variety of countries. The programmes are mentally stimulating and spark a lot of debate between members which is encouraged. For that reason the conferences follow a theme of 3 days (Thursday, Friday and Saturday) with evening dinners organised to further these debates and lively discussions. We listen to members views and take away ideas for the future.

Keep in contact with fellow member with the PEOPIL interactive website, members can chat on-line and discuss topical PI issues.

The easy guide to all PEOPIL members across Europe and the world. It offers the opportunity to network with lawyers in the same field.

h. SPARE TIME! WE CAN HELP YOU FILL IT! Want to make an impact, be a part of influencing the changes in Europe? Contact us. Want to write a book, become a lobbyist, practice your linguistic skills? We have plenty of opportunity for you.

Peopil European Exchange Groups
European Exchange Groups (EEGs) Members can now join any number of our current 5 EEGs. The groups are as follows:
Aviation EEG
Medical Negligence EEG
Occupational Health EEG
Road Traffic Accidents and Whiplash EEG
Tourism EEG
Academic Committee

These groups use the PEOPIL website and the PEOPIL publications to compliment meetings in person to counter the problem of distance travel.

Membership Forms
From this page, you can join PEOPIL using the online application form.

admin@peopil.com    Tel: +44 (0)121 643 4962    Imperial House, 31 Temple Street, Birmingham, B2 5DB England, United Kingdom
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