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PEOPIL New Lawyers Group

European Exchange Group

The New Lawyers Group (NLG) was established with a clear focus on young colleagues and their specific aims and interests, serving as an “entrance door” for young lawyers and putting them into contact with the rest of PEOPIL.

The major goal of this working group is to create a win-win situation in which young lawyers can enhance their skills and networks thanks to the PEOPIL conferences and other projects such as the new website, while simultaneously providing PEOPIL with fresh ideas and a vivid contact to the next generation of personal injury lawyers.

The NLG holds an annual conference each year. The first conference was held in London in 2014 with the last conference taking place in Madrid on 25 March 2022. This year’s event was held in Edinburgh on 3 March.

Aurélie van Dijk and Gabriela Lenarczyk are the Co-Chairs of the PEOPIL New Lawyers Group (NLG). The YLG was established in order that younger lawyers could become more engaged in the activities of PEOPIL. Any lawyers or law students who are under the age of thirty-five can be a member and may remain a member until the age of forty. Members meet foreign colleagues and learn from them through networking and the exchange of information. Members also refer cases to each other from various European jurisdictions.

Aurélie is a Personal Injury lawyer at Beer advocaten in Amsterdam.

Gabriela Lenarczyk is a personal injury lawyer, Associate at the Budzowska Fiutowski and Partners. Attorneys-at-law law firm based in Kraków, Poland. Her experience includes handling personal injury cases with cross-border elements: she represents foreign clients who sustained injury whilst in Poland. In this regard, Gabriela also assists in preparing expert reports for foreign law firms.

She has vast experience in medical law with a specialisation in cases of perinatal malpractice and in the areas of pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

As an academic, she is a PhD student and Research Associate at the Polish Academy of Sciences. Her doctoral thesis, titled ‘Patent pledges against the background of Polish legal instruments, with particular emphasis on the License of Right’, has been submitted for review.

Gabriela has been part of PEOPIL for 9 years and was recently appointed the organisations Social Media expert. She is also a member of the American Association for Justice (AAJ).

Who can be a member of the NLG?

Any lawyers or law students who are under 10 years PQE can be member of the NLG.


Our Young Lawyers’ Group now has its own dedicated Twitter account – take a look at @PeopilYLG. 

If you would like to be a part of this group, if you are keen to develop the group further or require further information please contact for more information.