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PEOPIL’s Internship/Exchange Programme

The PEOPIL Internship/Exchange programme will bring the cooperation between the law firms to a higher level, tighten the connections, enable personal injury lawyers get a cross-border work experience, learn form each other not only about cases, but also about different work environments.
The internships are for 2 weeks.

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Reflecting on the Success of the New Lawyers Group Conference 2024 in Paris

At the heart of the New Lawyers Group Conference in Paris (14-15 March 2024) lies the spirit of innovation and collaboration that the New Lawyers Group (NLG) brings to PEOPIL. Established as the gateway for young lawyers into the broader community, the NLG focuses on nurturing the specific aims and interests of young legal professionals. This event underscored the pivotal role of the NLG in shaping the future of personal injury law, providing a platform for young lawyers to enhance their skills, expand their networks, and contribute fresh perspectives to the field.

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Annual Conference 2023

On 29 and 30 September, delegates from 24 jurisdictions met at the Law Society of Ireland in Dublin for PEOPIL’s Annual Conference. During these two days, the most renowned personal injury lawyers and academics received exceptional education from conference speakers on emerging areas of law and litigation, had numerous networking opportunities and developed comradery with their colleagues. This event would not be possible without our sponsors – Kreindler & Kreindler, DEKA Chambers, Outer Temple Chambers and Doyle Dennis, to whom we extend our sincere thanks.

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Joint Occupational Health & RTA Conference Thessaloniki 15-16 June 2023

In the beautiful and historical town of Thessaloniki, capital of Greek Macedonia, the perfectly organised PEOPIL Occupational Health & RTA Conference could be nothing more than another successful event.

Highly ranked and accredited in their field professors, attorneys and technical experts, mainly from Europe but also from other parts of the world, formed a very strong team of panelists and speakers, while all participants were warmly welcomed by the Athens and Thessaloniki Bar Association representatives, as per the well known Greek hospitality.

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